Erica Lee

Founder, PNW Happy Hikers & Backpackers

Erica is the founder of PNW Happy Hikers & Backpackers - an online community that focuses on building the necessary knowledge, skills, and confidence in pursuing an outdoor lifestyle in a social setting. She lives in the Pacific NW and spends every weekend of the year hiking, backpacking, and/or camping with family and friends. Some of her favorite things about the time she spends outside are:

  • Foggy trees
  • Freshly foraged mushrooms & berries
  • Falling asleep with the rainfly off
  • Exploring new areas & finding remote bakeries
"I feel like I live 2 very different lives depending upon what I'm doing outdoors. There's backpacking - where I'm constantly trimming weight and increasing functionality with less. And then there's car camping - where I'm constantly fine tuning well thought out comforts that contribute to creating an easy and effortless experience. That's where GCI has made the biggest impact for me. Easy and effortless comfort!"

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