Kelsey Kagan

Canine Companion, Writer

Three years ago we spent a month living out of our truck bed camper, traveling through Canada and all over the great state of Alaska. The trip showed us just how far we can go when we’re together, and how truly remarkable this big, beautiful world is. There’s nothing like being called to rise in the early morning hours by the screeching of eagles on the banks of the Talkeetna River. This last year, when we spent an inordinate amount of time indoors, I published a children’s book about our sweet dog, Osa. The story follows her struggle to find herself, and her ultimate revelation of self love. It was a joy to create this book, and I have been overwhelmed with the reaction from the young ones that connect with Osa. Don’t worry, her brother Jasper is in the book as well. Those two are inseparable, even in print. We can’t wait to see how far our truck can take us, and what adventures await down the dirt roads that criss-cross this country. We have a little saying in our family; the best place we’ll ever be is far away, together.

"Planning a trip and travelling to camp is where I like to put in the work, but when the engine shuts off I want things to be as straightforward as possible, and I need to be able to set up my table and chairs with one hand while holding a beer in the other. GCI makes it happen for me."

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