Surrounding ourselves with people who share our same passions helps build strong relationships and fuels shared experiences. If you love the outdoors, you probably have friends who do too. Show them a little love by getting them a gift that helps them enjoy their time outside even more. We’ve listed some excellent ideas for camping gifts for the birds of a feather in your life.

GCI Outdoor’s Camping Gifts for the Outdoor Lover

woman sitting in outdoor Freestyle Rocker chair by campfire

Camping Gift for the RVer

The great thing about camping with an RV is that you can bring lots of supplies with you. This means you can really splurge on a gift, without having to worry so much about its size.

The Master Cook Station can make any campsite into a kitchen and makes cooking while camping a breeze.

The Master Cook Station folds up flat, so it’s easy to store in your RV. It folds out to reveal a countertop, sink, and storage areas underneath. There’s a lantern hook so you can see what you’re doing if you hooked a beautiful rainbow trout before sunset and still want to grill it under the stars.

There are hooks for garbage bags, paper towels, or hanging utensils. There’s even a soft-shell sink with a drain to make gutting that trout much less messy. It all folds up into a sleek package. This camping gift will be a hit with the culinary RVer.


Camping Gift for a Tent Camper

man sitting in GCI Outdoor chair at campsite while drinking coffee on a GCI Compact Camp Table

Tent campers don’t have the luxury of an RV to stash their gear, so you should consider size as well as functionality and durability when you're shopping for them. Folding camping chairs are a superb choice for a camper who is short on space.

The MaxRelax Pod Rocker is a great option for sitting around a cozy fire. A brand-new item to GCI Outdoors, this camping rocking chair features Spring Action Rocking Technology™ that rocks on any surface.

It is made of robust and padded material in a sling-style seat to ensure maximum comfort. The contour of the material creates armrests, there’s a beverage holder, as well as a phone pocket.

As with all of our seats, the Pod Rocker folds up into a tiny unit and weighs only 11.7 lbs. You secure it in the closed position and carry it with a strap.


Camping Gift for a Backpacker

Backpackers need sturdy, lightweight materials that can easily be folded or stowed into the backpack. One of the most compact and useful seats in our selection, the Packseat™ is an easy way to take a load off. It weighs only 1.3 lbs. but can support up to 250 lbs.

Whether you're camping, hiking, or fishing, the Packseat™ sports a sturdy aluminum frame with a carry strap, buckles, and a carabiner for hands-free portability. It can even be attached to your belt loop.

The Packseat™ offers a great alternative to sitting on the ground by the fire or finding a hard rock to fish. It’s also a handy way for a backpacker to hold steady for a panoramic shot at the top of a mountain.


Final Thoughts

Any outdoor enthusiast will love these camping gifts from GCI Outdoor. When you’re camping, comfort and convenience are top priority. On your next camping trip, stay comfortable and relaxed while enjoying the great outdoors with these excellent camping additions.