Spring is in the air! If you’re eager to get back outside, now is a great time to try spring beach camping. Although summer and fall are the more popular seasons for camping, the spring has so much to offer for those willing to risk the mud.

Why We Love It

One of our favorite things about spring beach camping: fewer crowds! Popular beach spots become increasingly crowded as the temperatures rise, and even moreso once kids are out of school for the summer. But in the early spring, there’s a good chance you could have the beach to yourself, making your trip the perfect opportunity for beachcombing, getting pictures of wildlife, or just relaxing as you listen to the crashing waves.

Cooler weather also means you can fully enjoy those activities you may shy away from in the heat of summer—building a bonfire, taking a long hike, and cooking something more involved than burgers and hot dogs (although there’s nothing wrong with the classics!). Bonus: you can then enjoy your meal without becoming dinner yourself to a swarm of mosquitoes.

Enjoying some peace and quiet in the Bi-Fold Beach Chair™

Planning Your Spring Beach Camping Trip

Before you embark, you’ll need to put in a little extra planning and packing. Spring weather is unpredictable—a day that’s sunny and warm could be overcast and chilly by the time you pitch your tent. So to be on the safe side, it’s best to plan for a variety of scenarios. Now is not the time to pack light!

In addition to your typical packing list, you may want a few extras to make your trip more comfortable. A tarp can be put down to protect your tent from muddy ground, a pop-up canopy can provide shelter from sudden rain showers, and a folding windscreen can help you cook and eat a meal without sand as an ingredient.

Wild weather won’t dampen the beach’s alluring beauty, but the truth is that no one enjoys sitting in wet sand. Bring along a comfortable chair that’s built for the beach, and you’re guaranteed to be in a better mood! Our pick: the Big Surf™ with SunShade. A 4-position backrest lets you sit back and relax, while a slide-out table keeps a drink, snack, or book right at your fingertips. Plus, with the adjustable SunShade, made of UPF 50+ fabric no sun in your eyes!

The sand between your toes—but nowhere else—thanks to the Big Surf™ with SunShade

After working up an appetite during a full day of fresh air, you’ll want to cook a hearty dinner—and a GCI camp kitchen will make that a breeze. Durable and sturdy, these folding cook stations are constructed as a single piece for convenient transport and simple set-up. Featuring aluminum countertops, extra storage racks, and paper tower holders, plus spots to hang utensils and trash bags, the camp kitchen truly keeps everything in its place. For extra flexibility, bring along one of our Compact Camp Tables to use as a dining or serving table.

Keeping it convenient with the Compact Camp Table 20™

To otherwise stay comfortable, you’ll want to pack clothing for a variety of weather types. Plan on dressing in lightweight layers that can be added or removed as the temperature changes. A waterproof jacket and boots should be on the list, as well as a couple of hats, sunglasses, and warm blankets. And even on milder days, you should apply sunscreen to any exposed skin.

With a little extra forethought (and an extra heavy pack), you’ll have everything you need for an adventurous spring camping trip at the beach!