Ready to make your great escape? Whether you’re planning a weekend camping trip or embarking on a cross-country car camping road trip, it’s essential to have portable camping gear that’s big on comfort and durability—but small on required trunk space.

In this guide, we’ll focus on the portable camping equipment that we know best: camp chairs & tables. Most items on our list are in the 10-lbs. or less range.

Outdoor Rockers

Fact: you appreciate the beauty of nature even more from the comfort of a gently swaying outdoor rocker. After a long day of hiking (or an afternoon spent struggling with your tent poles), you’ll be glad to have a rocking chair with you.

For portability, there’s no better choice than the Kickback Rocker™, GCI’s lightest and most compact rocker (and Popular Mechanics’ “Editor's Choice” camp chair pick). It’s available in a variety of colors and features a phone pocket, drink holder, carrying strap, and our patented Spring-Action Rocking Technology™ to ensure the smoothest rocking. All these features won’t weigh you down, though—the Kickback Rocker comes in at a modest 10.6 lbs, making it a great choice for camp sites that are accessible by vehicle.

When it’s time to pack up, the Kickback Rocker quickly collapses to a compact 34.8” H x 7.9” W—so you can stash it in the trunk or the backseat.

Adventure-Ready Chairs

For those who prefer the director’s chair style, our top picks are the Xpress Director’s Chair™ (9 lbs.) and the PICO Arm Chair™ (9.7 lbs.). When open, these are just the right size to keep you comfortable while tailgating or hanging around the grill. Both fold down to a mere 1/16 of their open size, so you’ll still have plenty of room in the trunk for everything else your outing requires.

Pictured: Everywhere Chair

Weighing in at 5.4 lbs., the Everywhere Chair® is a low-to-the-ground recliner designed to be used on slopes as well as flat ground. This makes it perfect for outdoor concerts and festivals—find a less crowded area or enjoy a better view by heading to a spot where traditional folding chairs can’t cut it. The Everywhere Chair folds flat and is carried with a shoulder strap. Like its name suggests, it can go pretty much anywhere!

Seats & Stools

For day hiking, bird watching, wildlife photography, and other outdoor activities, GCI’s lightweight seats and stools offer maximum portability. The PackSeat™ portable stool is only 1.3 lbs and folds up to about the size of an umbrella (15.7” H x 4.3” W). The included carrying pouch even has a carabiner clip so you can attach it to your backpack or even a belt loop—ensuring you won’t leave it behind.

man on beach with PackSeat folding portable stool
Pictured: PackSeat, Compact Camp Table 20

For more support, choose the Quik-E-Seat®, a folding stool with backrest. At only 4.4 lbs, this is another lightweight option. Both seats would be great choices for an “emergency chair” to keep in the car.

Camp Tables

When it’s time to eat, hopefully you’ve brought along the Compact Camp Table 20™! This 4-lb. folding table is small enough to carry around with you (but large enough to seat two) and its single-piece design means you won’t dread setting it up. So whether it’s dinner at camp or an impromptu card game, this portable table has you covered.

When you pack lighter, you can go further. Spend more time grilling, fishing, exploring, or relaxing, and less time unloading the car, lugging equipment around, and setting up.