From the campfire to the ball field, a scenic park to your own backyard—wherever your outside “happy place” is, an outdoor rocker makes the great outdoors even greater. Check out our top three reasons why our rockers ROCK!

Rocking is Relaxing—and Relaxing is Good for You

First things first—rocking chairs are all about relaxing. With the gentle back-and-forth motion, stress and tension melt away. Studies show that rocking increases blood circulation, thereby reducing inflammation and muscle soreness. And as their bodies relax and recover, many people find that their mood is naturally elevated.

With a combination of smooth motion, breathable fabrics, and thoughtful details, you can experience a level of relaxation that stationary chairs cannot touch—and GCI’s outdoor rockers have all these features.

Our chairs are uniquely equipped with patented spring-loaded shocks that allow for the smoothest rocking you can find in a camping chair! Even on rough and uneven surfaces, our Spring-Action Rocking Technology™ keeps you gliding evenly and effortlessly.

You Deserve to Be Comfortable

Of course, you can’t relax if your rocker isn’t perfectly comfortable! With the average U.S. adult spending more than half of their waking hours sitting, it’s essential to find a seat with features that keep you in comfort.

For the professional marshmallow roaster and scary story-teller, the FirePit Rocker lets the evening last longer with a low-ride seat, padded arm rests, and a mesh backrest for plenty of ventilation. For those who prefer to be truly cozy, the MaxRelax Pod Rocker’s quilted fabric provides extra cushion while cradling you in comfort. And for those spending long days in the sun, an adjustable UPF 50 SunShade on the Pod Rocker with SunShade provides the perfect protection.

woman unfolding GCI MaxRelax Pod Rocker chair outside in mountains

Plus, drink holders and phone pockets keep everything you need right at your fingertips, so once you get cozy, you can stay that way.

Our Chairs Rock—and Then They Roll With You, Anywhere You Go

When you’ve got an outdoor rocker you love, why leave it at home? Bring it with you everywhere—and you’ll never have to endure another hard plastic lawn chair or cold metal bleacher again. GCI’s rockers are lightweight and fold up compactly for transport and storage. (For those extra short on space, check out our lightest and most compact option, the Kickback Rocker—it’s the perfect size for road trips and RVing.)

woman holding beer in GCI Outdoor Kickback Rocker overlooking mountains while camping

Designed with portability in mind, our rockers also have features that make them easy to carry. Some have built-in handles and carrying straps, while others come with carrying bags that can be slung over the shoulder.

But to be considered truly portable, we think a chair should be simple to open and close, too. When a group gathering is done for the night, or after the grand finale of a fireworks display, the last thing you’ll want to do is struggle with breaking down an overly complicated chair. That’s why GCI rockers are designed to be packed and unpacked quickly and easily—no tools, tiny parts, or second set of hands needed.

It’s time to claim your comfort in the outdoors. Get more enjoyment out of camping, tailgating, outside concerts, and anything else you can imagine with an outdoor rocker chair!