You’ve perfected the art of building a campfire—and whether it’s in your own backyard or a far-flung campsite, there’s just one thing you need to elevate that cozy, crackling blaze: comfortable fire pit furniture.

Fire pit furniture ideas are virtually endless—so how do you choose? For us, portability is one of the key factors. Built-in seating can look beautiful, but free-standing furniture has the clear advantage around the fire pit. There are so many reasons why you might want to move your seating around: to get closer to the fire on a chilly night, or to move further from it when you can’t take the heat; to better keep up with an interesting conversation; to toast a marshmallow in the fire, but then enjoy it away from the flames.

The Backyard and Beyond

Heavy-duty Adirondack chairs and traditional patio furniture can be moved around your deck and yard, but their portability stops there. Lightweight, foldable furniture, on the other hand, can be taken anywhere—from the back deck to wherever the road takes you.

The Freestyle Rocker sets up easily thanks to Eazy-Fold Technology

When shopping for portable fire pit furniture, consider:

  • How much does it weigh? Remember, the goal is portability—so the chair or table should be light enough to carry with one hand for a short distance (e.g., from your car to a friend’s backyard). You’ll likely need that other hand to carry a cooler or snacks!
  • Does it fold down for storage? A chair or table that folds flat won’t take up much room in your garage or shed when not needed, so you can enjoy the extra lawn space.
  • What are the dimensions when folded? A compact folded size means you can keep it stashed in your car for spur-of-the-moment gatherings and other “just in case” occasions.  
  • Is it difficult to set up and break down? Let’s be honest—if a chair or table is a hassle, you’ll be making up excuses not to use it. Look for a piece that can open and close in a snap.

If you find a piece that fits the above criteria, you can enjoy it at home as well as at the campground, parties and gatherings, sports games, and other outdoor events—maximizing the use you get out of it.

Comfort is King

Stylish bench seating around the fire pit may make for a Pinterest-worthy picture, but how long would you be comfortable sitting on those stone or wooden slabs? Hard, backless, and cold in the wintertime, this type of seating will surely lead to calling it an early night. Give yourself a more comfortable seat (and some personal space, to boot!) by looking for individual chairs designed for relaxation. Desirable features include:

  • Supportive fabric that cradles your body
  • Extra padding on the headrest and armrests
  • A mesh backrest, which keeps you cool rather than absorbing the fire’s heat

Your best bet for keeping the good times rolling? Look for a chair that rocks. A fixed-position chair can be comfortable for short durations, but a rocker is your secret weapon for staying comfortable until the last ember dies out. A gentle rocking motion is perfect for kicking back—which is why we’ve developed patented technology to ensure that our rockers glide smoothly on any surface. You’ll find this on our customer-favorite FirePit Rocker, which also features a low-ride seat designed to help you relax.

Not into rocking? Try reclining! The Freeform Zero Gravity Lounger is adjustable so that you can switch between the ridiculously comfortable zero gravity mode and sitting upright with your legs raised—no ottoman needed! Simply change positions whenever needed.

Say goodbye to stress in the Freeform Zero Gravity Lounger

Extra Features

Early humans may have needed little more than fire itself, but these days, we have a wide range of outdoor fire pit accessories to choose from. Don’t get overwhelmed—your fire pit furniture may come with many features built in. On most GCI chairs and rockers, you’ll find beverage holders, phone holders, and even fold-out side tables.

Need a bit more space? A one-piece folding table like the Compact Camp Table 20™ is the perfect solution—it’s stable enough to use as a table for two, but the lightweight, telescoping design means you can take it anywhere without worrying about trunk space.

The best of both worlds: the Compact Camp Table 20 is portable and sturdy

With portable furniture, enjoying your fire pit is (almost) hassle-free. After building that perfect fire, just grab some campfire snacks, sit back, and relax.