Acadia National Park camping opportunities are innumerable. This coastal gem has reasonable and affordable campsites and is a destination for both locals and visitors alike.

Maine has vast areas of wilderness including hundreds of miles of the Appalachian trail and a plethora of opportunities to camp and hike along the coast.

Ocean view with rugged coastline and fall folliage

Acadia National Park camping ranges from backcountry sites to organized and developed campgrounds with a mix of tent and RV sites. Whatever you choose, prepare yourself for beautiful and rugged scenery.

The park’s seaside location and stunning beauty result in crowds in summer, and heavy use in early autumn when leaves are at their peak. So plan in advance and reserve a campsite months ahead of time if you are car camping and want amenities such as pit toilets and potable water.

Before you toss your outdoor recliner chairs and sleeping bags into the hatchback, sit down and plan the Acadia National Park camping trip, starting with which campsite you prefer. Take a look at the National Park website and figure out where you want to camp so you can reserve early.

Most campers choose developed campgrounds but if you prefer a tent or site, check out Acadia East campground as an alternative.

Lighthouse along rugged coast with coast and sunset in background.

If you want to avoid noise and groups, choose a smaller campground and pick a site that isn’t sandwiched between other campers. Review the campgrounds and be sure to avoid group areas, for example.

If you want to set up your folding camping chairs for socializing and like being surrounding by other campers, take a look at the four organized campsite maps and choose accordingly.

Camping is full of fun, surprise and adventure but planning to camp requires work! We can’t overemphasize how full, lively and crawling with humans the National Parks have become—especially Acadia because of its unique miles of picture perfect coastline.