Gone are the days of heavy folding tables wedged into the back of your car. Modern camping set-ups include high-quality camping kitchens and camping chairs that are easy to transport and perfect for food prep—no matter what’s on the menu.

First: What to Look for in a Camp Kitchen

A good camping kitchen starts with a sturdy table. Camp chefs tend to prefer “all-in-one” designs with multiple levels for storage. The added ability to easily fold makes setting up and breaking down the cooking or cleaning area faster, and leaves more room in the car to store other camping gear.

Showdown: The Master

GCI makes two camping kitchens: the Master Cook Station™ and the Slim-Fold Cook Station™. It’s up to you to decide which best suits your needs.

Both cook stations are hassle-free one-piece designs that set up quickly and easily. Our patent-pending SLIM-FOLD Technology™ is used in both, so they also fold up flat in a snap—and a convenient handle means they’re not awkward to carry.

These camp kitchens are packed with features—both include fold-out side tables that do double-duty with beverage and stem glass holders, as well as hooks that can keep garbage bags and cooking utensils handy.

features of the GCI Outdoor Master Cook Station

So what’s the difference? The Master Cook Station boasts an extended work surface, making it a better choice for bigger crowds, and has additional features which can extend its use. A softshell sink lets you rinse produce or wash dishes, making it a great choice for longer camping trips. The sink is also essential on fishing trips, allowing you to clean your catch of the day before throwing it on the fire. Plus, a telescoping lantern pole saves valuable counter space and helps you keep the fun going even after the sun goes down—cooking a late dinner or assembling s’mores is easy with your camping lantern hung up!

  Slim-Fold Cook Station Master Cook Station
Folds flat for storage
Unit width when open 52" 56.3"
Total unit weight 18.9 lbs. 22.7 lbs.
Heat-resistant aluminum countertop

(can hold up to 48 lbs.)
15.5" x 24" 56" x 15.5"
Lower rack for storage

(can hold up to 35 lbs.)
# of plastic fold-out side tables

(can hold up to 30 lbs. each)
4 3
Telescoping lantern pole
Collapsible soft-shell sink with drain
Powder-coated steel frame
Limited lifetime warranty
Price $100 $142

The bottom line is that both GCI camping kitchens are great choices for your outdoor cooking needs. Whether it’s a backyard barbecue; a camping, hunting, or fishing trip; or tailgating before the game, these options have all the features you need—and then some!

Completing Your Camp Kitchen

Your camping kitchen setup should also include a camping chair for relaxing! Rocking chairs and canopy chairs are all the rage in the RV and glamping world because they offer exceptional comfort. A canopy folding chair is also a plus, since it allows campers to stay outdoors longer, provides some shade for better visibility, and generally improves comfort while prepping or cooking.