A camping table isn’t usually the first piece of gear most campers research and purchase. Camping tables come after cooking pots and stove systems and a good folding chair. But at some point, most campers realize that flat surfaces are a valuable commodity in the wilderness.

What To Look Out For When Buying A Camping Table

man cooking hamburger on camping table for girl at soccer game

A run of the mill folding table won’t be a good substitute for a sturdy camping table. Event folding tables, for example, are heavy and large and can easily break.

When seeking out the right outdoor equipment, look for tables that are lightweight, small to store, and stable.

Compact and Portable Camping Tablesman sitting in GCI Outdoor chair at campsite while drinking coffee on a GCI Compact Camp Table

A "portable" camping table typically means it will weigh less than 25 pounds at most.

With any camping table, look for built-in handles, rust-proof construction, stability and an easy set-up. Consider camping tables that are made with lightweight materials, as well.

Check out our Compact Camp Table 20 & Compact Camp Table 25 for unique, compact designs that are easy to store.

Camping Tables with Cook Stations

Seasoned glampers and RV pros typically set up 2-3 folding tables for prep, cooking and clean-up. We recommend camping tables that are lightweight and have telescoping legs. . Most good quality camping tables come with storage bags for easy transport.

If you are car camping, a cooking and cleaning station will transform your camp experience. For more space, check out our Master Cook Station and Slim-Fold Cook Station.

The Master Cook Station sets up and breaks down easily with an easy, one-piece design. It includes a telescoping lantern pole with a sink and drain.

The Slim-Fold Cook Station is a larger camping table and great for some serious cooking. It sets up and breaks down in a flash. There is also an aluminum counter top, a lower rack for storage and four plastic fold-out side tables.