LevrUp Canopy™

1 person, 1 minute and you're covered!

With a one-person set-up, the LevrUp Canopy sets up and breaks down easily without needing additional help. The easy, exterior set-up allows you to stay outside of the frame the entire time as a result of patent-pending Levr Lock™ Technology.

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To purchase from GCI, check back soon! Currently available at Dick's Sporting Goods.
Royal Blue
Mercury Gray

Features & Technology

Levr Lock™ Technology

Easy-to-use lever allows an individual to lock the canopy in place standing outside of the frame, and collapse the canopy quickly.

Large Mouth Roller Bag

Wide opening and wheels for ease of packing, unpacking and transport. Roll-top closure allows for a tight seal.

Dual Airflow Vents

Allows wind to pass through the canopy roof to keep it stable in windy conditions and to let hot air escape.

UV-Resistant Fabric

UV-resistant coating helps prevent degradation of the canopy fabric when under the sun's rays.

Straight Leg Canopy


100 Sq Feet of Shade


Adjustable Leg Height


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Technical Specs

Unit Weight