After a dog, a lawn chair may be one of life’s most loyal companions. Whether it lives in your car, on your porch, or in your backyard; the uses for fold up lawn chairs are endless and work for almost any outdoor occasion.

10 Uses for Fold Up Lawn Chairs

Camping fold up lawn chairs

1.  First, the outdoor barbecue. Whether you hold it yourself, your neighbor’s do, or you have to drive halfway across town—a good lawn chair should travel with you. Why rely on any old cheap fold up, when you can bring your own?

2.  If this were Family Feud and the category was “top uses for fold up lawn chairs” we are pretty sure the number one answer would be: the beach. Just because it has the word “lawn” in the title doesn’t mean it doesn’t love the sand just as much.

3.  Outdoor concerts are a great opportunity to get some use out of your favorite lawn chair. In these cases, we highly recommend using low profile, backpack chairs. These clever little inventions can carry your wine and blanket in their pouches. Plus, the low rider seating height won’t annoy others or ruin their view.
Tailgating lawn chair
4.  Tailgating is another event where lawn chairs would be a perfect addition. If you’re heading to a tailgater party than you’re probably bringing along other supplies already. There are even tailgate specific chairs that you can throw into the car with you. Everyone will be thankful for a place to rest their legs after a few hours of socializing. Oh, and make sure to bring lawn chairs with cup holders!

5.  Are there any athletes in your family that haven’t reached the major leagues yet? If so, you’ll be sitting through a lot of little league and Pop Warner football games. The best way to do this is in a comfy seat, so shell out a few more clams for a canopy chair that provides its own shade.

6.  Camping is a situation where you’ll truly appreciate and enjoy the ability to sit on a soft, forgiving surface. Do not underestimate the value of a folding lawn chair for glamping, car camping, overlanding, or any other outdoor activity that has you outside for days at a time.

Camping fold up lawn chairs

7.  Your folding lawn chair will also do nicely in your backyard. Why invest thousands in backyard furniture if you’ve got comfortable options sitting in the garage already? Save that money for another time and place. A good canopy chair can even provide you with built-in shade on those extra hot days.

8.  We’ve mentioned the beach, but there’s another similar outdoor escape that you’ll definitely want to bring your lawn chairs to: summer lake vacations. Not all lakes are blessed with soft sand beaches. So, having a good lawn chair with you will save you from trying to relax on rocks and gravel. 

9.  Having a wedding on a budget? Throwing a baby shower in your backyard? Any time you have a group of guests mingling for hours, you’re going to want to give them the opportunity to sit down when their legs need a rest. You could even ask each guest to bring their favorite lawn chair, and then set up a game of folding lawn chair Duck Duck Goose!

10.  This list could go on forever, but we round it out by using your lawn chair as a way to help others. Do you have an elderly person in your family? Bring the lawn chair (not the low rider, of course) in the trunk of your car. If your friend or relative needs to take a load off, you are chair ready to provide some relief.