Backyard Chef and BBQ Enthusiast, Family Man, Camping and Outdoor Lover

Owen hails from North Carolina and loves to grill and BBQ in his backyard with family and friends. He strives to expand what can be cooked outdoors over fire and a touch of smoke. He likes to break away from the norm by making outdoor meals that are “a wee bit quirky.” Owen loves to camp with his wife and young children. When he can, he takes his love of cooking to the outdoors and prepares meals over the campfire or with portable grills and smokers.

"One of the most important parts of BBQ is to relax and enjoy the process. What better way to do that in complete comfort in one of the quality chairs and rockers that GCI has to choose from!? And then you can add the convenience and at-home comfort of their portable cooking stations while cooking at camp or even right in your yard!"