Whether it’s your favorite pro team or your kids’ Little League, nothing takes your focus away from the game like uncomfortable seating. Cold, hard bleacher benches don’t provide adequate support for your body, yet it’s not always feasible to bring your own chair. That’s why small, portable stadium seating chairs are a great solution! Let’s talk about why you need one, and then we’ll help you decide which option is right for you.

Even doubleheaders are no problem in the Big Comfort Stadium Chair™ with Armrests.


The Benefits of Bringing Your Own Folding Stadium Chairs

Put simply, you’ll get the most out of game day by bringing along your own stadium seating chairs. Comfort is the real MVP—and our stadium seats are built with features like padded seats, supportive backrests, and solid armrests to help prevent muscle tension and strain from sitting in the same position for hours.

Our seats are also lightweight, have built-in carrying straps, and fold up compactly, so they’re convenient to bring along. When you get to the game, they set up in a snap—just strap them onto the bench with a single buckle or hook, and then have a seat! With a slim, unobtrusive design, your seat won’t obstruct the walkway for others, and it won’t take up tons of space when the stands are packed. These stadium seating chairs just provide the support you need so that you can keep supporting your team.

Big crowds are no big deal with the compact design of our stadium seats, like the Big Comfort Stadium Chair™.


Which Outdoor Stadium Chairs Should You Buy?

GCI has several designs of stadium seating chairs, but which is right for you? While what feels most comfortable is ultimately a personal decision, here are some considerations to help point you in the right direction.

First off, how much space and support do you need from the seat? Traditional aluminum bleacher benches are 10” deep, which can eventually become uncomfortable for a person of any size. So instead of just a cushion that sits on top of the bench, you’ll want a seat that’s sturdy enough to extend the depth of the bench.

For big comfort in a small profile, our BleacherBack™ and BleacherBack Lumbar™ seats are 12.3” deep, with a 16” wide backrest. Both can support up to 250 lbs. For larger dimensions, check out the Big Comfort Stadium Chair™ and Big Comfort Stadium Chair™ with Armrests, both of which have a seat depth of 23.6” and can support up to 330 lbs. The Big Comfort models also offer slightly wider backrests at 20” for either.

Next, where do you need support the most? The longer we sit on bleachers with no back support, the more our posture suffers, causing strain and pain in the lower back muscles. If you tend to slouch, a small lumbar cushion can make a big difference—try the BleacherBack Lumbar™, which has a built-in cushion in the backrest to help keep the spine in a supported, natural position.

If, however, sitting for long periods causes you discomfort in other areas, you may opt for the Big Comfort Stadium Chair™ with Armrests. The solid armrests can reduce pressure on your elbows, shoulders, and upper back. This seat is also ideal for those who need support transitioning from sitting to standing (or vice versa).

Storage pockets make everything better, which is why the BleacherBack™ is a fan favorite.

Finally, how much do you want to carry to your seat? Luckily, all of our stadium seats are under 5 lbs, with the lightest being the Big Comfort Stadium Chair™, weighing in at just 2.6 lbs. All models feature built-in carrying straps to keep your hands free for other necessities—like snacks and drinks!

But if you need a little extra storage, our BleacherBack seats boast a mesh pocket behind the backrest which is convenient for odds and ends (like spare napkins). The BleacherBack Lumbar™ takes the cake with a fold-out flap featuring compartments with hook and loop and zipper closures. When seated, this panel is behind your calves, so your most important items—keys, phone, glasses, and more—remain safe.