Bringing your own beach chairs on vacation may seem like a hassle. Even if you’re driving a large vehicle, are those cheap or worn-out chairs worth the space they’ll take up? While some beaches and campgrounds offer chair rentals, they’re usually expensive to rent. The solution? Convenient, collapsible beach chairs.

Sturdy, durable, and ultra-comfortable, GCI’s collapsible beach chairs have earned their space in your trunk, and are well worth bringing along on all your outdoor adventures. Even RVers, campers, and hikers will find beach chairs to be very convenient. Despite their name, they’re practical for a wide range of outdoor uses beyond the shore, and won’t get easily damaged by heat, sun, or water. Plus, they won’t break the bank, so you can one for each family member.

Take a look at GCI’s best beach chairs for visiting beaches, national parks, and other outdoor destinations.

SunShade Beach Chair

Slim-Fold Collapsible Chairs

To save space in your trunk, get a smaller collapsible chair that still offers all the comforts of a full-sized one, like GCI’s Bi-Fold Slim Beach Chair™. You can stretch out while staying cool, comfortable, and out of the sticky sand. The attached table will keep your drink cold and your snacks handy! Despite its small size, this is one of the best types of beach chairs for adventurous families with full cars.

Backpack Beach Chairs

It can be challenging to find a chair that balances portability with comfort. Hikers, RVers, and family campers who trek to their camping destinations can benefit from a beach chair made specifically to be carried over distances.

A backpack beach chair is the best option, as it leaves your hands free for coolers and other essentials. Good backpack beach chairs are made with aluminum and steel in order to be both lightweight and durable. Plus, GCI’s backpack chairs still have all the bells and whistles, like cupholders and four-position backrests.

Chairs with Attached Sunshades

GCI Outdoor Big Surf with SunShade beach chair

During the hottest days of summer, staying out of the sun is just as important as staying off the hot sand. But beach umbrellas can be unwieldy, especially on windy days.To stay comfortable in the heat, choose a chair with an attached canopy and beverage tray, like our Big Surf™ with SunShade. Then get ready to relax—bring a book or just enjoy the sea breeze with your family.

Reclining Beach Chairs

Quiet beaches and hiking spots are hard to enjoy without a place to lie back and relax. When beach towels or upright chairs won’t quite cut it, opt for a reclining beach chair. Designed for total relaxation, GCI’s recliners offer adjustable backrests, built-in pillows, and canopies to keep the sun out of your face.

Final Thoughts

The world is full of gorgeous places to soak up the sun, and collapsible beach chairs make it easy to enjoy them comfortably. Whether you’re heading to the redwood forests or Virginia Beach, make sure you have a high-quality chair that can hold up during your travels.

When choosing a beach chair, look for breathable fabrics and extra features like sunshades, cup holders, and slide-out tables to keep your food and drinks out of the sand and dirt. Backpack straps and the ability to fold up extra-thin will make traveling even easier. Check out all of our beach chairs to find the perfect style for your next adventure