When it comes to camping chairs, the style and structure options are nearly endless—but choosing the one that’s best for you is all about what feels right. For many people, a solid arm camping chair is a great choice because of the superior comfort and support it offers.

First, what difference do armrests make, anyway? As the name suggests, armrests support the weight of your arms—which prevents awkward sitting positions and physical strains throughout the rest of your body, including:

  • Keeping the muscles in your neck and shoulders relaxed
  • Reducing load on the spine and lower back
  • Reducing pressure on the seat

Of course, armrests make a much more significant impact in seats you sit in all day, every day, such as office chairs. While you probably won’t be using your camping chair 40 hours per week, even a long night around the campfire or cheering your kids on through a double-header can leave you with aches and pains if your seat is uncomfortable. (Anyone who’s ever spent a single night on a bad mattress knows how true this is!)

The compact Bi-Fold Slim Event Chair™ offers full-size comfort.

Once you’ve decided on a chair with armrests, how do you choose between a soft- and hard-arm camping chair? Many people prefer solid armrests because they add stability, allowing you to grab hold of them as you sit down, and push yourself up when rising from the chair. In fact, pushing off of the armrests greatly reduces the stress off your legs and hips as you rise, and can prevent those lower body pains which tend to take you by surprise.

This added support is especially crucial for those with back pain as well as the elderly, so if you are purchasing a chair that will be used by multiple people, a hard-arm option is a great choice.

The Freestyle Rocker™ has padded armrest covers for extra comfort while you rock.

Our hard-arm rockers are a popular pick, as they offer the perfect combination of comfort and structure. Sturdy, ergonomic armrests take stress off your body, allowing you to sit back and truly relax as you enjoy gentle rocking—yes, even on grass and gravel!

The hard arms of the RoadTrip Rocker™ provide support as you get out of the chair—but you may not want to!

Not sure where to start? If you’re searching for the hard-arm camping chair that’s best for you, start by checking out some of our most-loved recliners, such as the reclining Wilderness Backpacker™, which has backpack straps for portability. For a heavy-duty option, head over to the Eazy Chair™ XL, which has a 400-lb. weight limit. If you prefer to rock, browse our selection of hard arm rockers.