Fall is finally here, and that means football, food, and tailgating! Whether you’re a lifelong fan or a newcomer, these parking lot parties are a fun way to gather with friends and family and enjoy the game—without even having to clean the house!

Still, a little preparation is in order: you’ll need food and drinks—and you’ll need to find a great chair. For the sake of comfort and conversation, you won’t want to be the only one standing at the tailgate, hovering above those who are seated. And imagine trying to eat a plate of wings while standing up, flimsy paper plate in hand, and your beer placed perilously on the ground.

Clearly, a chair is a necessity—but not every chair is up for this job. So how do you find the best chairs for tailgating? What qualities should you look for in outdoor tailgate chairs? We’ve spent years listening to our customers’ input, so we’ve got some ideas. We thought about two chairs that are consistently game day fan-faves—the Freestyle Rocker™ with Side Table and the RoadTrip Rocker™—and compiled a list of features to be on the lookout for.

The Freestyle Rocker is top dog of the tailgate!



Comfort is always king—and your choice of outdoor tailgate chairs should be no different. Whether you’re tailgating to pre-game or for the entire game, you don’t want to be uncomfortable. Here’s what else you should look for in a chair’s construction:

  • Does the chair frame feel sturdy? Aluminum and steel are your best bets for a durable, high-quality frame, but you’ll also want to consider how the chair performs when off a flat, level surface. Will it wobble on dirt, grass, or sand?
  • Is the chair material comfortable? Would it be comfortable even on a very hot or very cold day? Nylon is a great choice as it’s both comfortable and strong. The addition of mesh panels in key spots (such as the lower back) can make the material more breathable.
  • Is the chair supportive? Solid armrests can help you get in and out of the chair with ease.
  • Is the height of the back and the depth of the seat right for you? This one depends on your own height as well as your personal preferences. If you’re most comfortable in a high-back chair, check out the RoadTrip Rocker, which offers a 39” seat back.

Beyond these factors, there’s one feature that can turn a comfortable chair into an oasis of bliss: rocking. Studies have proven that rocking can increase blood circulation, which in turn reduces inflammation and soothes sore muscles. The gentle motion will melt away stress and tension and naturally lift your mood. With so many benefits, it’s no surprise that rockers are one of the best chairs for tailgating.

The best seat in the parking lot: the RoadTrip Rocker has ample space for getting comfortable!


Compact Size

Of course, even the most comfortable chairs also need to be trunk-friendly! Because chances are, you’re bringing more than just your chair to the tailgating party. You might have a cooler full of drinks, a portable grill, Bluetooth speakers, and of course, a giant foam finger. In other words, the best tailgating chairs are compact enough that you’ll still have plenty of room left over. Both the Freestyle and the RoadTrip rockers have you covered here, with the ability to collapse down quickly and easily into a packable size. (That means more space for yummy food—check out these 7 great tailgating recipes if you’re stumped on what to bring!)


In addition to a single-piece construction that easily sets up and folds down—which will be a given in a well-built chair—look for other features that can make your day easier, such as:

  • Beverage and phone holders
  • An attached side table which folds or slides out
  • Storage pockets
  • A carrying handle (like you’ll find on the Freestyle Rocker) or an included carrying bag (like the RoadTrip Rocker comes with)

When it comes to convenience, one thing is for sure: the Freestyle Rocker’s fold-out side table is a game-changer! It features two beverage holders (because staying hydrated is important), plus a slot to stand your phone in. The rest of the table’s surface is perfect for holding that plate of loaded nachos you’ve been dreaming of.

A multi-use side table with phone slot and beverage holders makes the Freestyle Rocker as convenient as it is comfortable.



Last but not least, in your search for the best tailgating chairs, consider durability carefully. It might be tempting to grab a bargain-bin chair, but you’ll be lucky if it gets you through a single season. The fabric will rip or fray, and the frame may bend or even snap.

Instead, choose a chair that can be tossed into your trunk in the morning rush, buried underneath your cooler and other gear, dragged in and out of the car, and set up in the sun throughout the day. High-quality materials and attention to detail can make all the difference when it comes to durability—and they can ensure that your chair stays in top shape, season after season.