If you spend your days outside and haven’t upgraded your folding chair, you are missing out. The golden age of folding chairs has arrived, and GCI Outdoor has tons of folding chairs that are easy to carry to festivals or to the campsite in your favorite wilderness area and pack up easily when the day of adventure is done.

Which Folding Chairs Match Your Lifestyle?

green van parked at campsite

When deciding which chair is best for you, think about how you spend your days.

If You Like: Sporting Events and Concerts

woman sitting in GCI Outdoor Stadium Chair while watching game

GCI Outdoor Stadium Chairs are great for outdoor events. These chairs typically run between $20-$75, are lightweight and can easily be slung over your shoulder for carrying.

The second excellent spectator chair are the backpack chairs. You can put snacks and other items in the chair, and easily tote it on your back.

If You Like: Road Trips and Camping

Small, portable and lightweight chairs are best for any activity involving adventure. Check out GCI's camping chairs. They pack into small carrying bags, and most come with the usual amenities: cup holder and side pocket.

If You Like: Paddle Sports

For water/paddle sports, check out our SitBacker canoe seat. It fastens to canoe beaches with a buckle strap system.