Folding chair technology has recently brought us the outdoor chair with canopy, the ultra light weight chair, the tiny camp chair and the accessorized small portable chair. There is a chair for every need, and when choosing the best chairs for sporting events, the range of choices is wider than ever. Your first decision: is the best chair for sporting events one you will also use for other purposes?

If you attend stadium sporting events, you have several bleacher chairs to choose from. For lawn events, we recommend evaluating durability, portability, and whether you will use all the features.

Best Chairs for Sporting Events in the Stands 
A sports goer sits in his canopy chair staring out into the afternoon sun.

If you have season football or baseball passes, you’ll be looking for a different chair from most indoor activities (soccer, basketball) because you’ll want a cushion with support that also insulates from heat and cold. For indoor sporting events, a decent cushion that is easy to haul through a crowded venue is your best bet. For outdoors, however, we recommend looking for a chair pad (or foldable bleacher chair) with decent insulation.

In the stands, whether on concrete, metal or wood—a well-made low back beach chair can make sitting through a long game fairly comfy, and can be the difference from zero discomfort and squirming, whining and fidgeting in the later inners or second half.

Comfy bleacher chairs used compressed air or fabric that creates space between you and the hard surface the chair sits on. This system has the advantage of being easy to carry and transport (a tote bag is plenty of space) but the disadvantage of requiring some assembly. 

A second type of chair is the old-fashioned, foldable, fabric chair. These are lightweight, comfy because they create some space between seat and bleacher, and easy to carry. Look for models with extra features such as high backs, ability to carry as a knapsack, and cup holders.

The old school foldable (collapsible) fabric chairs have recent technology to thank for lighter weight, more durable and water resistant fabrics, and easier fold-unfold mechanisms. Look for good quality stadium chairs with a place to attach your umbrells.

Best Chairs for Sporting Events on Lawns
A group of friends sits underneath a tent while sitting in the best chairs for sporting events.

For lawn sitting, we recommending deciding up front if you want a canopy chair or something as comfy as a collapsible rocking chair. While these are somewhat pricier (starting around $60 for good quality), this style of chair offers an exclusive feature that you will come to love: shade. Some canopies will also provide partial protection from light rains and wind.

Canopy chairs continue to evolve and newer models are lighter weight

If you decided to choose a canopy, look for the type that is easy to fold, carry and unfold. The other key feature is weight, as the extra canopy will make the chair heavier. Portable canopy chairs usually have a design in which the chair folds up and is wrapped inside the canopy itself, all of which snaps together is a bedroll shape.

Canopy chairs are popular because they are surprisingly easy to pack/unpack and lightweight.If you are sun worshiper and decide to eschew the canopy, we recommend investing a little more in your chair and taking good care of it over the years. You can purchase a cheap, lightweight portable chair but you get what you pay for. For lawn chairs, a backpack chair is still a popular options, as they are far easier to transport (especially with kids), but they often sit lower to the ground than other chairs for sporting events might. 

Regardless of what you choose, be sure to visit our product pages to satisfy all of your chair-related needs, from our fan-favorite pod rockers to the ultimate chairs for sporting events on the market!