Is there anything better than packing the RV and hitting the road? Road tripping in an RV offers you the comfort and convenience of home while you explore the great outdoors.
If you want to be as comfortable while relaxing around the campfire as you are inside your RV, you need the ultimate outdoor recliner chair. The next time you plan an exciting RV trip, these are some of the best lounge chairs to pack for your most relaxing outdoor adventure yet.

These Are the Best Lounge Chairs for RV Adventuresman sitting in outdoor rocking chair overlooking valley

Backpack Event Chair™

If you are parking your RV off the beaten track and plan on doing some exploring, a backpack chair is the ideal lounge chair for you. Not only does it have an ultralight aluminum frame and slim profile when folded, but it also comes with backpack straps for easy carry.

The four-position backrest allows you to adjust the chair to your level of comfort, and it features a large pocket on the back for holding your camping and relaxation essentials.

Bi-Fold Slim Event Chair™

GCI Outdoor Bi-Fold Slim Event Chair with drink in beverage holder

When you are driving your home-away-from-home, storage space is limited. With the Bi-Fold Slim Event Chair, you don’t need to sacrifice your comfort to save space in your trunk.

GCI Outdoor’s specialized Bi-Fold technology allows the recliner to be folded in half twice, which reduces the folded profile to half the size of a standard folding chair. Once opened, the recliner expands to the size of a full-sized chair with a four-position backrest, beverage holder, and head pillow.


Everywhere Chair™

The patented Hillside Adjustment technology in the Everywhere Chair allows the recliner to adapt to different terrain, whether sloping, rocky, or flat. The mesh panel backrest is breathable to keep you cool and is fully adjustable to suit your comfort needs.

This lightweight chair is easy to open and close thanks to the specialized Auto-Fold technology connected to the shoulder strap.


Low-Ride Recliner™

GCI Outdoor Low-Ride Recliner chair with drink in beverage holder

For ultimate comfort while camping, you need the Low-Ride Recliner. The three-position backrest and low sling seat offers you the most ergonomic and comfortable sitting position and is perfect for lazy days at the beach.

You won’t need to worry about your chair collapsing while you relax due to the Tension Bar technology that locks the frame in place. Duck feet at the base of the frame stops your chair from sinking into soft terrain, and a built-in beverage holder keeps your drinks within easy reach.


Sunshade Backpack Event Chair™

If you love relaxing outdoors but still want a little extra protection from the sun, the Sunshade Backpack Event Chair features an SPF 50 adjustable sunshade that rotates from the front to the back of the chair so you can enjoy sun protection all day long.

The shade is collapsible for easy folding, and it has backpack straps so you can carry it anywhere you want to go, hands-free. It also features an extra-large pocket behind the backrest for storing all your relaxation essentials and a beverage holder to keep your drinks close by.


Outdoor Recliner™

GCI Outdoor Recliner chair with drink in beverage holder

The Outdoor Recliner is the ideal addition to your RV camping holiday. Its slightly raised seat makes it easy for you to get in and out of the chair. The soft mesh panel, three-position backrest, and patented Pocket Pillow technology means you will probably never want to get out of the chair again once you sit down in front of your campfire.

It features GCI Outdoor’s Tension Bar technology which provides impressive stability. Its ergonomic carry bag with a strap offers an easy way to transport your outdoor recliners from your RV.


Wilderness Backpacker™

For a folding recliner that is as beautiful as it is functional, consider the Wilderness Backpacker. It features a mesh panel backrest and supportive head pillow, as well as a four-position adjustable backrest so you can find the perfect level of comfort for you.

The powder-coated aluminum/steel frame collapses flat and can be carried using backpack straps. The chair comes in lush forest green or dark navy, which is complemented by dark wooden armrests.


The Takeaway

Stay comfortable and relaxed in your RV and outdoors with an outdoor recliner chair. To find out more about the stunning range of outdoor furniture we have available, call GCI Outdoor at (860)-354-9595 to speak with our friendly support staff.