Whether you’re heading out for a day hike or an extended trip, chances are that you’ll already have plenty to carry. A folding chair with backpack straps can lighten your load—and make the adventure more enjoyable. Below, check out our top reasons to choose this all-purpose chair style.

Keep Your Hands Free (For Everything Else)

With your chair on your back, your hands are free—or at least, free to grab the cooler, an umbrella, the dog’s leash, and your kids. So while we can’t shorten your packing list, our light chairs for backpacking can help you make fewer trips to the car and back. Plus, we’ve designed them with built-in storage pockets, like this roomy one on the Backpack Event Chair below.

man carrying foldable chair with backpack straps

Your Body Will Thank You

After a long hike or a long drive, allow your body to rest with a 4-position, reclining backrest and a head pillow – as well as sturdy wooden armrests, on the Wilderness Backpacker (below). Your energy levels will be restored and you may even be spared some next-day soreness, too!

When it’s time to get moving again, you’ll be glad to have comfortable backpack straps which reduce the strain on your back.


While backpack chairs are great for far-flung adventures, they’re also perfect for outings closer to home—like the kids’ soccer games, backyard BBQs, and outdoor concerts. Our backpack chairs were built for easy set-up, and their fold-flat design means you can always keep them stashed in your trunk, just in case. With a mesh backrest, they’re also a cool choice for bonfires. So if your friends have the perfect fire pit, but their outdoor chairs leave a little to be desired, bring your own along!

A Better Chair Makes for a Better Trip

Hunters, fishers, and photographers know that patience is the key to success—but sitting on wet or rocky ground for long stretches can make your patience wear thin. When you bring a comfortable seat along, the wilderness feels like a more welcoming place. Plus, the backpack straps keep your hands free to carry your equipment on the way to and from your destination.

Hikers and campers, too, are often tempted to rough it—you’ll just sit in the dirt or perch on a rock at your campsite, right? With a comfortable chair you can actually enjoy your relaxation time, whether that’s with a scenic view and the birds chirping, or with a burger, beer, and good company. These experiences, after all, are what make the journey truly worth it.